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Frequently Asked Questions:


What are LASHFUL eyelash extensions?

Unlike the conventional eyelash extensions bought at stores, LASHFUL eyelash extensions are individual extension strands that are placed on each one of your natural eyelashes. 

The resulting effect is a more dramatic and sexier look with longer and thicker eyelashes that look completely natural!

We offer a variety of different types of eyelash extensions; synthetic, mink and even silk.

The synthetic lashes, the most popular and practical are specifically designed to fit and conform with the natural curl of your lashes for an even more genuine look.


How are the extensions applied?

We put our client's comfort and safety first and foremost. LASHFUL eyelash extensions are applied only by properly trained specialists who are responsible and reliable. They use only the highest quality materials to eliminate irritation and reactions. Your trained professionals will dip each lash one at a time into a lash adhesive and attach them onto a single natural lash with no skin contact. The entire process is completely painless!


How long do they last?


Although the longevity of the extensions varies from person to person, the duration of the extensions lasts until the natural lash it rests upon matures and sheds naturally. The average life cycle of your eyelash is 60-90 days and with proper care and maintenance. You should never tug on the extensions as they will cause premature shedding of your natural lash. If you do not wish to have them fall out naturally it is best to come in for the removal service. 


How do I care for the extensions?

For the first 24 hours it is crucial to avoid water contact to the extensions in order for the adhesive to set properly and form a proper bonding with your natural lash. Avoid oil-based products as well as mascara, especially waterproof products! Also avoid any product that produces lint, such as cotton swabs, q-tips and towels as they will catch on the lash and cause tugging/pulling. Regularly scheduled touch-up sessions are recommended to maintain and reattach extensions to the newly grown lashes. 


How often do I need to come in for a Touch-up?

Although the time to come in for a touch-up depends entirely on the client, varying from 1 to 3 weeks, the average period is 2 weeks. The touch ups ensure you maintain a full look with your lashes in addition to regular maintenance. 

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