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Experience instant weight loss with our body contouring procedures and get to know a sleeker and slender you! For over 40 years our formula has been perfected, consisting of 174 patented minerals and nutrients that cleanse your body by expeling trapped toxins and replacing them with essential minerals thus not dehydrating the body. Our body wraps are designed to tighten tone and reshape the body while restoring its natural ability to burn fat creating instant yet long lasting inch loss around all areas of the body. Our body wrap is suitable for everyone and leaves our clients feeling healthy and asd radiant as they look when they emerge from our body treatment.


Slendertone Wrap    $150                                                         

The perfect wrap for our first time clients. After a thorough consultation with our certified technician your measurements will be taken. Our body wrap bandages have been soaked with the mineral solution tand they willl be strategically wrapped around your entire body to contour and tighten as well as promote weight loss. Once wrapped, light excercise will ensue to promote circulation and enhance results. Once done, bandages are removed and measurements are re-taken.


The Lipase Wrap     $240

Ideal for hard and stubborn bodies and those with more muscle hidden underneath. Two wraps are performed back to back on the same day and only for clients who have had the Slendertone Body wrap before. The client is wrapped in bandages that have been soaked in a solution containing the enzyme that breaks down fat. Light excercise is performed to promote circulation. After the first wrap procedure it is followed with either Slendertone of the Body Lift as the second wrap of choice.


The Body Lift Wrap   $170

Most potent anti-aging wrap. Resulting in an effective apparent age reductions and maximum results of visibly slimming and tightening the body. Clients will see the improving effets increase with each wrap. Using a specialized formula rich in minerals and enzymes the Body Lift works to tighten sagging and damaged skin as well as rejuvenate and reinvigorate the skin. Age and lifestyle will determine how often one would return for maintenance wraps but the average is a return visit every 2-3 months once you have achieved the look you love. 

The following locations provide this service:

  Lashful Day Spa in Paramus


Body Wrap

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